The solar power panel absorbs direct sunlight and converts them into direct current to generate electricity, mainly for residential and commercial purposes. The solar panel works through the Photovoltaic Modules Packages that are designed in a way to consist of the solar cells that are available in various wattages and voltages. Most of these modules use thin-film cells or water-based crystalline cells. There are different renewable sources of energy like wind, thermal, geothermal, hydroelectricity, solar, etc. and solar energy is the fastest-growing energy among them. The main reason for solar power installations is to generate electricity or heat water. By installing the solar panels at homes and commercial spaces, one can derive a plethora of benefits from it.

Sun and solar panels on the ground

Benefits of installing a solar panel

Energy Reliability

The energy developed through solar panels is renewable and natural. There can never be a monopoly player in this industry. Anyone can generate solar energy through the installation of solar power panels. It makes them self-reliant without being dependent upon others. This is one of the reasons why the Government is keen to install and develop solar power panels. 


Keep the PV modules clean twice a year, and let your solar panel function like before. Most of the solar power panels from reliable brands provide a warranty of 20-25years. There is no need to invest heavily in maintenance and repair. The inverters generally operate without any wear and tear and need to be changed after 5-10years. Small spending of around $150 in a year is enough for maintenance and repair charges. 

Solar panels

Minimize electric bill and maximize savings

When you install a solar power panel, there is a drop in electricity bill as power consumption is backed by it. Factors like the size of solar panels and electricity consumption also determine the bill amount. Not only you can reduce the bills, but you can also even generate a surplus power that can be restored back to the grid if there is a provision for connection. 

Renewable Energy

The best aspect of solar power is that they are a renewable source of energy. Unlike other natural sources that are easily depleted, we can never run out of the Sun, which, according to the scientists, is going to exist for the next 5 billion years. In whichever part of the world we stay, we can easily access the Sun to use its solar power for multiple purposes.

Diverse Uses

Solar Power can be utilized for various purposes, like producing electricity or heating purposes. Some of the popular uses of solar power are to distill water in regions with limited water supply, providing electricity in remote areas with access to power grids, heating water, power satellites in space, in recreational properties, residences, and commercial areas. 

Decrease greenhouse gas footprints

Solar power has the potential to decrease greenhouse gas footprints. Like Carbon dioxide is creating havoc on earth with certain species becoming endangered, glaciers melting from mountain peaks and shorelines being eroded, etc. Solar power can reduce dependence on non-renewable natural resources, and on an average, it saves about 16,000-gallon water per year. 

Technological Progression

There is a continuous technological progression being made into the field of solar power panels due to the abundance of free, natural, and renewable energy resources. Theories of nanotechnology and quantum physics are being applied to solar power panels to provide a multi-folds increase in outputs. 

FAQs about solar panel advantages

What are the various uses of solar power? 

There is a wide array of uses of solar energy for different purposes. It can be used for the purposes of transportation like railways, buses, cars, planes, etc. One can even light the roads and subways using solar energy. There are also solar power chargers available in the market to charge various gadgets like cell phones, laptops, tablets, thermostats, solar air conditioners, music speakers, etc.

Does solar power usage generate pollution? 

No using solar power panels do not produce any air pollution, water pollution, or emit any other greenhouse gases. However, Photovoltaic cells are made up of toxic material and harmful chemicals. One must take precautions in disposal as any leakage can cause hazardous effects to the environment. 

Do satellites use solar power? 

Yes, spacecraft that operates within the inner space depends upon the photovoltaic cells of solar panels to get electricity from sunlight. 

What is space-based solar power? 

There is also a provision for space-based solar power (SBSP) to collect the solar energy from outer space and utilize it through distribution in the earth. There are chances to receive a higher rate of energy, and there is a broader period of collection due to absence of the diffusing atmosphere. 

Difference between photovoltaic and solar thermal? 

Though the principles behind both types of the solar panel are similar, photovoltaic cells absorb the sunlight to transform them into electricity, while the solar thermal uses sunlight to heat water and other fluids. 

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