Looking for commercial solar panel solution in New York, our company has a team of expert technicians, who provide an array of services related to solar panel installations like installation, free consultation and assistance and other added services like maintenance and repairs. In a commercial solar panel system, there multiple arrays of photovoltaic cells that absorb the Sunray’s and further transform it to direct current. Also, in a commercial project, numerous such solar panels and modules are wired together to produce a solar array that generates a large amount of electricity. Due to the growing global concern for greenhouse house gas emission, these solar arrays are installed on the rooftop of the commercial buildings that meet the requirement of power-consumption of the companies as well as the maintenance is cost-effective. 

How does commercial solar work?

Initially, the commercial solar panels collect a clean and renewable form of energy from sunlight and transmute them into electricity that supplies power for heavy electrical loads. These commercial solar panels are comprised of single solar cells that are made up of layers of boron, silicon, and phosphorus and are arranged in a grid-like pattern. Finally, the power generated through these cells is sent to a solar inverter that converts the D.C. current into A.C. current and is almost similar to the utility grids. According to the preference and requirements of the clients, these commercial solar inverters can range between 2.5KW to 250KW power level. 

How long do commercial solar panels last?

The commercial solar panels are extremely energy efficient to be installed at the rooftops or open spaces of different offices and organizations. An array of solar panels can be mounted in the vast areas of these places, and a massive amount of electricity can be generated through the panel that has the capability to fulfill the requirements of power consumption. The commercial solar panels are robust enough, and maintenance costs are also low. The energy generated through these panels in the daytime can be stored and harnessed in the dark hours. On average, the solar panels have a longevity of 15-20 years and the electricity generated is absolutely free post-installation. 

How much do commercial solar panels cost?

Commercial solar panel cost depends upon several factors like brands and type of solar panel a commercial organization is installing. Also, the number of photovoltaic cells incorporated within the system determines the price level of these solar panels. A typical commercial solar panel in the U.S. has 6KW to 10KW, and the minimum will cost somewhere between $14,400 – $18,120 and $24,000 – $30,200 respectively. The labor charges can further increase the prices. However, there are various tax exemption and rebates offered by the government on the installation of the solar panels by commercial houses.  

How big are commercial solar panels?

The commercial solar panels differ in length and width compared to the residential solar panels. These measurements can vary slightly from company to company, though on an average there is a standard size of these solar panel systems. The typical size is 77 inches by 39 inches. There are generally 72 cells present in the commercial solar panels. The weight of these panels can be around 50 pounds, and depth ranges between 1.4 inches to 1.8 inches. 

Who needs commercial solar panels?

Commercial solar panels can be used and installed in different commercial spaces depending upon the requirement and preferences of these organizations. In an off-grid or remote locations of a powerful industrial building, a commercial solar panel can be used. For water heating and pre-heating ventilation purposes of the offices and commercial spaces, these solar panels can be installed. Commercial solar panels can be mounted on the rooftops of commercial buildings to meet the requirements of electricity consumption of these spaces.