Looking for solar panel repair in New York, our company offers an extensive range of services like installation, free consultation, and planning, and at the same time caters to vital needs like maintenance and repair of the Solar Panel Systems. Solar Panels are a convenient way to transform sunlight into electricity in the era of fast and high-priced depleting natural resources.

solar panel Repair in action

The photovoltaic cells present in the panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into direct current for electricity production. Like any other energy-producing devices, the components and equipment of solar panels are also prone to damages. Kaput devices can be easily detected as they yield decreasing results and lesser outputs over a period of time. However, fortunately, there are solutions to repair these solar panels and experts can help to get it fixed in its former state. 

FAQ’s about solar panels repair

Can solar panels be repaired?

Every device at a certain point of time is liable to get damaged and defective after a timespan. Similarly, solar panels also tend to get worn out due to several reasons. But, these can be repaired with the help of technical experts. Prior knowledge regarding these commonly occurring problems can aid in solving these issues much faster. In some cases, it viable to repair these faulty components through skilled service providers. Though at times, it has been observed that these components are beyond repair and at such a point of time, one can also opt to exchange the older components with a new one. The new elements are mostly upgraded and deliver enhanced service compared to the former one. 

Who needs solar panel repair?

Solar panel repairs are essential for both residential and commercial users if they wish to generate maximum output from the solar panels. There can be endless reasons for repairs like micro-cracks or hotspots, corrosion, cleaning the PV Panels, and many more. The repairs and usually take a time of around two-three weeks. After this, the panels can be re-installed along with the system. There are usually two years of warranty offered by the companies after a repair. 

How much does it cost to fix a solar panel?

Fixing and repairing a solar panel basically depends on the type and nature of damages being inflicted into the solar panel like corrosion, hotspots, microcracks, inner module damage, PID effect, loose wiring, etc. Generally, a homeowner spends $633 on an average basis to repair their solar panels. An approximate range of $186 and $1,082 can be  incurred on damages, and it entirely depends on the type and nature of damage being inflicted. Labor charges elevate the budget further by $100 per hour. 

How is the fix done?

The damage and defect can be fixed, and it depends entirely on the type and nature of the damage inflicted on the solar components like PID effect, Inner Module Damage, microcracks, etc. Like for example, in the case of an inner module damage experts either repair the glass or remove the glass from the solar panel system.